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Happy Thursday!



Boyfriend and Boyfriend Jeans



Yesterday, my dad, boyfriend and I all went out eat down on Main Street.  I took this as an opportunity to take pictures in an outfit I’ve been obsessing over!

I found the perfect boyfriend jeans a couple weeks ago at Madewell, and HAD to get them.  I have pretty muscley legs, so finding a pair of boyfriend jeans that are proportionate and fit was a miracle! Though a little pricey, they are totally worth it! 

I paired the jeans with my new favorite heels, which you’ve all seen in my Pajamas Gone Chic post a few weeks ago.  These are the absolute, comfiest heels I’ve ever owned, AND they were on sale.  Talk about bang for your buck, huh?

I love the look of boyfriend jeans with a simple tee, so I threw on this navy tee from Target.  It’s so comfortable, and works perfectly with the rest of the outfit to add some casual to the heels.  




20 in my 20’s

Hey all!

So, in celebration of the resolution of this blog’s identity crisis, I’ve decided to post on something I’ve been planning (and putting off) for about three months now.  I was inspired by one of my favorite friend’s blog (Hi Jillian), as she made a bucket list, specifically for her twenties (she’s so cool, guys).  I love the idea of bucket lists.  Everything about them.  It’s such a perfect way to set in stone goals you’ve made for yourself, in a way that can inspire, influence, and motivate you to be the version of you that you’ve always wanted to be.  Not to mention, the list can include professional goals, personal goals, exploratory goals, culinary goals, physical goals, emotional goals, etc, etc.  And if you’re anything like me, to-do lists are pretty self satisfying.  I live for the feeling of crossing a nagging task off a list that’s been a huge boulder on my shoulders (not that a 20 in your 20’s list should be a boulder…eek).  I’ve been meaning to do this since my birthday in May, but better late than never, right?

So, without further adieu, here is my 20 In My 20’s Bucket List: (subject to change, of course)

  • Visit Supai, Arizona
  • Visit Big Sur 
  • Spend a summer interning in a new place
  • Run a half marathon (full marathon if I’m feeling overly zealous)
  • Be in the audience of The Ellen Show
  • Travel to Seattle 
  • Adopt a puppy
  • Become certified in Yoga or Pilates
  • Get a job that inspires me
  • Move to a new city
  • Go on a mission trip in a different country
  • Celebrate my 21st in Napa
  • See Matt Nathanson live (again) (front row, please?)
  • Write a new song
  • Perform in Nashville
  • Go to Scotland and visit Nessie
  • See Bob Goff speak 
  • Take classes and earn a certificate in nutrition
  • Become (somewhat) competent in photography
  • Go to NY fashion week

So, bear with me, y’all.  I’ll be keeping up with my bucket lists and tracking my progress via this blog, so stay tuned! What’s on your bucket list? I’d love some inspiration!

Somethings of a Twenty-Something


So, for any of you that have been following me for a while, you’ll probably notice that I’ve changed my blog name. “And so I was thinking” was becoming too narrow. As you’ve probably noticed, I write about everything. Seriously, this blog is just a cluster of random inspiration I like to categorize as “lifestyle”, so I felt it needed a name that invited a more eclectic range of inspiration beyond “thinking”. So, welcome to Somethings of a Twenty-Something!

Midi Madness

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.13.40 PM

So I was thinking,

I am completely and utterly obsessed with midi skirts right now.  They’ve been pretty popular for a while now, but I never had a good reason to buy one until just recently!  My boyfriend and I are going to a wedding in August, and because I love a good excuse to dress up, I wanted to find the perfect outfit.  After suppressing my ever-growing obsession with these calf-length skirts, I decided this was the perfect occasion to splurge on one! Luckily, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been going on (and ends on the 4th!), so I found this gem online, and went to the store and ordered it. I’m hoping to pair it with a blank tank like this one to neutralize the eye grabbing accents on the skirt.  What’s your favorite way to style a midi?

For more ways to style a midi, check out this article from Glitter Guide!

When Life Gives You Lemons…


So I was thinking, 

If you’re anything like me, you want to be a little bit of everything.  I’m always looking for new ways to enhance my health, so here is a little feature of health-obsessed Colette.  (Side-note: I would totally be a nutritionist, if it wasn’t one of the longest/hardest/most science-y majors). For the past few months, there’s one health trick I’m really on a kick about.  Starting your days with a cup of hot/warm water and lemon juice.  I swear by it, to anyone, at anytime (it’s an obsession).

Hot water with lemon acts as a natural boost to the metabolism (and digestion, if ya know what I mean), especially when you drink it first thing in the morning!  It also acts as a diuretic, and cleanses your system, which is great way to start the day.  The high levels of vitamin C also help your skin, as well as aiding in your immune system.  Not to mention that it gives you a natural energy for the day!

On the other hand, I know a lot of us can’t skip out on our morning coffee, I totally understand.  So, another way reap more health benefits is to drink your coffee black in the morning.  Black coffee also acts as a diuretic, and gets your metabolism going bright and early, although the taste is not everyone’s cup of tea (ha ha). 

Now, if neither of those options really float your boat, I also like to opt for green tea with lemon juice.  Green tea offers so many health benefits, and when adding lemon juice, it just gets better! I like the taste of green tea with lemon more than I do water with lemon, but that’s just personal preference.  I also like caffeine, so that may also play into my decisions 🙂

Happy Thursday, friends!


Hi friends,

So I was thinking,

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with the look of a full eyebrow.  Since then, I have enlightened myself to the art of filling in your brows.  Obviously, it is my new favorite beauty trick.  So, obviously, I had to share! 

Having a strong eyebrow can be the be-all and end-all of your makeup routine.  It just adds that little element that makes your whole face look put together (even if it’s not!). Your eyebrows frame your face, and can make a huge impact on the shape of your face.  

The eyebrow pencil that I currently love is Lancome’s Le Crayon Poudre.  I use natural blonde.  They also have a great eyebrow groomer to keep the hairs in place, Model Sourcils.  However, instead of using the eyebrow groomer, I start with the pencil, fill in and shape my brows, brush the hairs out, then use a little bit of hairspray to keep them in place.  It’s cheaper than the groomer, and effective!

If you haven’t experimented with shaping your brows, check these products out! What products do you guys love?


Pajamas Gone Chic

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Hey all!

So I was thinking (wearing),

If you’re like me, comfy clothes are the elixir of life.  Seriously, give me a comfy pair of sweatpants and I’m done. That’s it. Game over.  So, obviously, I love any excuse to make a cute outfit out of pajamas.  

I’ve posted about pretty much all of these items before, but now they’ve combined into one, wonderfully cute, comfortable outfit.  I love these track pants from Nordstrom.  They’re basically dress pants, but comfier and less formal (aka a triple threat in my book).  Better yet, they’re diverse.  You can wear almost anything with these pants and look put together.  

I recently posted about wanting a french shirt, and so when I came across this one from Madewell (on sale!) the other day, I had to get it.

I also posted about the super cute slingback heels, courtesy of my good friend, Steve Madden.  The other day I just happened to find myself in the shoe aisle of Nordstrom (innocently), and found these babies on sale, too! It was a great day for sales and a little retail therapy, apparently.

So, I threw the few together and pajama chic came together.  I was home in Indiana for the week, so it made the perfect ensemble for our dinner party with some good friends.  Not to mention that the generous waist band on the track pants makes for a great pair of fat pants after a multi-course meal 😉

Happy Sunday!